What is Horsehair Trim and what is it used for?

What is Horsehair Trim and what is it used for?

Horsehair braid is a stiff, bias woven mesh used to provide structure and body to dresses. Don't worry it has nothing to do with actual horses! Horsehairs are structured crinoline netting fabrics sewn into dresses where a stiffness is needed to hold the structure of a dress for example using the horsehair for bridal gown to create movement in the skirt as the bride walks.

Horsehair used for various purposes in wedding and especial occasion dresses, as well as costumes dresses. It can be seen in gowns, sleeves, veils and etc. That's why horsehairs are offered in different width in the market. Made of 100% polyester, horsehairs are great for many weights of fabric.

 In Lace USA, stiff horsehairs are available in many colors and different widths (0.5", 1",2",3",4",6",55"). 

Where do you like to use the horsehair in your dress? Comment us below and let us know what were you using when there was no horsehair? How horsehair helped you to create what you had in mind?







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