How to identify a high quality Lace Fabric?

How to identify a high quality Lace Fabric?

Lace Fabric is usually the finest and most intricate fabric among all. Since most of out textile is imported from all over the world, the need for quality control in the textile industry is immense. If there are any errors then there can be huge problems. Now the question is how Lace USA do the quality control for lace fabric and especially for bridal lace.

Textile quality control (QC) includes Appearance, Fabric, Design, Measurement, Stitching, Cleanliness, Presentation, Safety, Price, Easy Availability etc. in Textile Industry.

Lace fabric is decorative ‘openwork’ fabric with sensitive uses of spaces and solids. Lace fabric inspection should consider both the quality of decorative design and background fabric. Decorative design must be whole in good shape, while background fabric must be secured. 

In Lace USA, we have several offices around the glob for inspection, testing and auditing our lace fabrics before shipment. 


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