What is the trim called on fabric? and where can it be used?

What is the trim called on fabric? and where can it be used?

The materials or components except the main fabric used in the garments are called Trim or trimming

Trims are used for functional or decorative purposes in garments. We can say that the materials used in sewing room other than fabric is called trims.

Where do we use fabric trims?

Fabric Trims are not only made to embellish our clothes but it's used for multi purposes including crafts, home and furniture decoration, accessories, shoes, bags and etc.

Different types of Fabric Trims is listed below:

1. Lace Trims
3. Braids
5. Fringes
6.Embroidered / beaded tape /gimp
7.Rope, Cords and strings
8.Bias tape Piping
9.Fabric tubes
10.Pom Poms
11. Tassels
12. Rhinestone embellished trims
13. Sequin embellished trims
14. Embroidered fabric trims
15. Ric Rac trims
16. Braided/knotted/macrame trims

If you have some more idea about using the fabric trims, please share with us in comments.










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