Couture lace fabric, the contribution for perfect wedding dress

Couture lace fabric, the contribution for perfect wedding dress

The perfect wedding dress – that almost mythological, extraordinary attire that completes a bride’s look and makes her feel like a princess. If the fabric and the design is on point, the dress can set the tone for a free-spirited and glamorous affair. Fortunately, there is simply no better fabric for making a dreamy, whimsical dress than couture lace fabric.

Because of its beautifully intricate designs, couture lace fabric is often the star of any wedding dress. A traditional piece of lace brings an old-world classic tone that only the finest fabrics could achieve. With its complex patterns and delicate textures, the fabric is a surefire way to turn the bride into a majestic vision.

When it comes to wedding dress design, couture lace fabric looks beyond stellar. Specialized draping techniques can help bring out the unique rhythmic designs of the fabric. 

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