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What should I wear for the next party?

What should I wear for the next party?

Clothing and style, shape the first impressions and reflect our personal brand. Each person has it's own way to use this tool. If you are one of those people who likes to be unique, but don't want to spend much money on your next dress, this is the article you shouldn't miss!

"Even with so many options in the market, still finding the right dress is difficult." That's what, most of our clients tells us. Especially when it comes to find a simple but classy dress.

Our Solution for you is " Embroidered Applique"

Applique is a sewing technique in which smaller pieces of fabric are attached to a larger piece, often of a contrasting color or texture, to create a pattern or motif.

In Lace USA Online Shop, There are various Applique choices for different taste in many colors and designs. There are many elegant embellishment that can be added to your dresses.

Where (On your dress) can you add Applique?

It is totally depends on you taste but in general there are Appliques for sleeves, chest, belt, shoulder, gown edge, bodice and etc. You can go from a small piece all the wat to an "all over lace" dress. 

And our last advise is try not to go too crazy for Bling Bling, if you like something simple and classy. 




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